Be yourself. Be unapologetically you.

“The collection is a beautiful celebration of the strong women in my life and around the world. My designs inspire people to love themselves, believe in themselves, and, of course, treat themselves.”

Authenticity is everything.

We use only the best materials. With the highest-quality craftsmanship, and using ethically-sourced, conflict-free diamonds and precious metals, this is truly fine jewelry. We want you to share Serena’s legacy for years to come.

More about our diamonds

It's the heart of the matter. We love sparkle, but there’s more to it. We know that the diamonds we use are helping support local mining communities. Our hearts are set on creating jewelry we can be proud of.

Beauty that feels good

We're determined to be responsible. Each piece is crafted in a facility certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council®. That means our company adheres to the highest standards for health and safety, labor and human rights, and environmental sustainability.